Hardness Testing & Grinding Machine

Union Electric Steel UK Limited. Tyne and Wear, UK

the project

The design supply and installation of a hardness testing solution for their large machine rolls in the pre-machined state.

the solution

The machine was designed to grind a test surface on rolling mill back up rolls to a specified surface roughness and depth ready for hardness testing. The testing position could be at any point offer the length of the machine specified by the size of the roll being tested.

The Product Size Ranges from 2 meters - 5 meters length, Ø500mm - Ø1500mm and 20T - 80T

The machine is semi automated where the operator would adjust the unit to the correct position. The operator would then set the machine to traverse and machine the surface.

The cutting head is a diamond wheel cutting system which can be cut dry or with coolant as per the specification required for the product.

Image of Hardness Testing & Grinding Machine
Image of Hardness Testing & Grinding Machine


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