IAC Engineering design and develop innovative systems to the highest degree of performance and reliability offering the complete package of skills in automation engineering incorporating cutting edge technologies to determine the appropriate solution in a variety of markets, including…….

The IAC Engineering Division has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the automotive sector...
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The IAC Engineering Division can provide equipment for the handling and control of bulk materials...
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Food and Beverage
The IAC Engineering Division has successfully integrated equipment into a variety of food...
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The IAC Engineering Division has extensive experience of supplying into the munitions industry...
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The IAC Engineering Division has been providing equipment to a range of different companies...
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Over the past 10 years, IAC Engineering has built a range of machines for use in the movement...
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IAC Engineering has been designing and installing machines to enhance and facilitate the manufacture...
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IAC Group also comprises engineering companies in many different areas including systems integration, PCB manufacture, closed circuit TV and security monitoring, instrumentation, process control as well as special purpose machinery.