IAC Engineering has been producing special purpose machinery for over 10 years. The company has delivered manufacturing machinery into a variety of industries including Automotive, Chemicals, Food and Beverage, Munitions, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics and Manufacturing.

The company has a small, but dedicated team of senior engineers, coupled with trainees and apprentices who are striving to learn about the industry so that they will be able to deliver the machines of the future.

Individual skill sets are continually monitored and enhanced. Co-operation and organisation are instilled in all employees from the very beginning so that the company can focus entirely on what the customer wants and can then deliver machinery which is reliable, easy to operate and entirely safe.

The division is integrated into the group and relies on the Systems Division to provide high level control expertise. IAC Engineering does have its own dedicated electrical staff, but PLC programming, SCADA and robotics are usually undertaken by experts within the control systems team.

The division benefits from being part of a larger group and can always rely on the other areas of the business to be able to offer a turnkey service to customers all over the World.


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