Silicon Etch Tool

Surface Technology Systems. Newport, Wales

the project

Mechanical design and assembly of the vacuum system for the etch tool including all pumping train and chamber design.

the solution

The pumping system incorporates an Edwards turbo molecular pump to achieve the high vacuum levels with the gas flow required for the etching process. The system backs to a large gate valve that automatically adjusts the opening to the gas flow that is introduced to the system in the main chamber. With all turbo molecular pumps a large failure torque can occur under rotor burst these torques can be very high and with the large pump that we were using the expected torque was 40KN. so during the design process we had to design the chamber and frame to withstand this force with no damage to the chamber of frame and to withhold the pump in a safe position and not to structurally damage the frame work or chamber. The design incorporates full finite element analysis of the system in a dynamic situation. The machine had to comply with all CE certification and all SEMI Standards. The outer coverings were also designed as heat shields as chamber and pumping system are at high temperatures.

Image of Silicon Etch Tool
Image of Silicon Etch Tool


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