IAC Engineering has been producing special purpose machinery for over 10 years and has been delivering quality equipment into a variety of industries. The division was first set up in 2006 as IAC Handling, specialising in mechanical handling equipment for the metals and munitions industries.

At this time, the mechanical design and build was sub-contracted to partner companies, but the project management and control systems design was kept within the IAC Company.

In 2010, IAC Group bought a small machinery design company, R and D Engineering Solutions Ltd, with a view to investing and growing the company as a separate entity. The new company was named IAC Engineering and moved to the premises currently occupied. At the same time, the company employed a number of control engineers from the then dissolved company, Process Control and Technology Ltd., bringing them into one company to design and manufacture machine control systems.

For structural and technical reasons, IAC Engineering was dissolved and the employees integrated into IAC Systems as a separate, mechanical division in 2014. The move enables the division to undertake and operate on a much larger scale due to the financial strength of the IAC Systems company.



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